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Network admin has blocked the facebook login. we need to access it through a site or any other way. but without catching to the admin. We will help you.

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facebook firewall

About the project.
We provide the special links, allowing entrance to website, in spite of any restrictions. Actually you get into original site, just through another link which is unknown in your office, at school or college, so they cannot block it. In this case all functions of the website are operating ones, you can communicate with friends, place and look through the photos etc. We constantly create new addresses for access to facebook. Even if current addresses are locked, you can receive the new ones.

Our service is on paid basis. We give 1 day of free access and if you like our service and it helps you to get the access to locked facebook site, we will ask you to make a small payment.

Please write to us to help to improve our service and make it useful for you. Be sure we will help you to skirt the ban and to enter to a favorite site. Yours faithfully, team of website.

Subscription to a new access addresses
Subscribe to our mailing list and you will be receiving new links regularly by e-mail. Enter your login which you use to enter facebook site.

Attention! This site is not connected with facebook website.
We only help you to solve the problem with access to the locked service, without interfering in any way with its work. If your access to our site has been locked, the new addresses always can be received by mail or from the home computer.